Love, what are thou?


Sometimes, down the line, walking along the crowd in the race of life, questions keep tugging you, a thought keeps coming back.

Are you even needed by anyone? Does the person who mean the world to you, also see his/her world in you? Are you equally important to him/her?

Well, how hard I try,I always end up with no answer. If I need or love someone so much, it is my decision. It is my feeling and my desire. I cannot expect the other person too, to have that kind of feeling or thought for me. If love would beget love, why would there be divorces, why would there be violence, why would there be betrayal.

If I love someone as strongly as I believe I do, the non return of that love is the hardest and the most painful thing to bear. Yet, there is no way I could cause that person to change. Sometimes it is for us to decide, is that fine or not. Can you live without it or not!

If love would be counted as public display of affection (PDA) then mother’s love might be one to have diminished as time passes. I say this, because as we grow older, she doesn’t display her love so openly. Does that mean her love has reduced? Of course not! So love is not the way it is shown. Love is, how it makes you feel.

If you love someone, show it. Tell it. Confess about it, and be soon. You wouldn’t want the other person to keep waiting for you in anxiety. It hurts, it pains and it makes the person live through hell, the several times you come in front of their eyes. If you’ve been in love, keep the aura and magic of it alive near you.

If you’ve been separated, live with those magical memories. You were lucky to have loved that person and gave him/her the best times of life. You never let it turn uglier, you were allowed to have him/her in life to be kept always in your heart. You were lucky to have been given a chance to have such a valuable person come in life. Living with good memories is always better than living in regrets and seeing the love die out.

Value love in whichever way it comes to you. Hold it hard and strong, till you can. Express it in simple ways. Sometimes a warm hug and a soft kiss is the need of the hour. Don’t leave them stranded. Don’t leave a person guessing, don’t let them pluck out petals trying to know if you “love them-or not”! Don’t hide your feelings, don’t keep them waiting. Don’t play with hearts, it is too fragile in the matters of love.

Don’t play with a person’s feelings, and call him a friend when you don’t know what a friend and a lover means. And if you plan to break up, be courteous enough to move away. Don’t keep in touch as earlier and stay friendly to keep that guilt that is rising within you at peace. Don’t be such a selfish soul! It is going to be more painful and hard for the other person. Don’t break them when they’re already shattered. Let them pick up their own self and move ahead. Don’t become a painful baggage to them.

Respect the love you get and value the love you have. Keep love around you. Love is too beautiful, too magical, let it grow within and let it be strong and true. Life is too short to be lived loveless-ly! Spread a smile and love around and it will surely get back to you too!

With lots of love,



2 thoughts on “Love, what are thou?

  1. Really touchy and full of thought kerp it up dear

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Nice to know, we share the same name. 😏


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