This one’s for You!


Holding tight his hands, walking by his side,
     I looked up at his face, my fear I tried to hide.

He spoke as we kept walking along,
     With him as I walk, I trust he will never be wrong.

I don’t actually have him beside me,
     He lives afar and miles away from me.

Yet his presence in my life is amazing,
     I walk with him, to him I keep talking.

He shows me the stars, the moon and the flowers,
     We fight and yet we join hands when there is another!

He shows me right if I go wrong anytime, anywhere,
     He is right there by me, even when the world doesn’t care.

My brother, my strong and mighty brother,
     All joys of the world, all success, for him, I gather.

His teasing, his wondrous torture, his mad words,
     His caring tone, his motivation and his supporting words,

They act like moonlight in the darkness, to help me cope,
     He shows me good, even when I see no way ahead, no hope.

Lucky am I to be blessed with not just one such person
     Many of them, aren’t related to me, nor are a cousin.

Sometimes you meet strangers, who become so special,
     You don’t even need to understand what makes them valuable.

They come along and walk along the path of life with you,
     Such kind and good people in this cruel world are few.

May the brothers of mine, stay blessed and happy always,
      And we pass through and come out successful from life’s maze!



3 thoughts on “This one’s for You!

  1. good for brothers!!!! ur lucky brothrs

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am lucky to have such awesome brothers! It is dedicated to all brothers. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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