Stay By My Side! (3)


Life was like a dream, there was just love and more of love between us. Our home was a haven of love and care. It was my home, my sweet home with my loving husband. Patrick was an awesome human, hardworking lawyer and a passionate lover. He made me feel beautiful and loved, with every gesture of his. His concern for me even while in the session of our intense love making, made me feel like his arms and his hard body was my fort, my palace, my paradise.

Patrick was extremely hard working and a serious lawyer, an asset to the firm he was. Father always took pride in discussing his accomplishments. Patrick had utmost care and respect for father. They seemed more like father and son. Sharing their passion for law and the center of their world was me! What would a woman want!

Every happiness was falling into my overwhelmed hands. I felt like a blessed woman. I was an at home wife, always around for father and Patrick. I was allowed all the luxuries of life. And then I met, Alice.

Alice was our new neighbor. She was the most beautiful woman I had seen. We had met, or rather we ran into one another at a women’s welfare charity dinner. She was dressed in the most elegant red gown. She was like one of those Victoria Secret models. Right curves at the right places. Her voluptuous breasts made her look dangerously intimidating. After five years of marriage, it was the first time, I was bothered about my looks.

She garnered all attention at the diner. She left and the guests seemed to have nothing to talk except her. I stayed sometime and then I left. On the way, I saw a car, parked at the side. It seemed to have broken down. I asked the driver to check out who it was. Being a lawyer and a women’s welfare activist I was always alert, due to the rise in the rapes and robbery. He returned to say, that it was the car of a woman, her chauffeur was trying to check on the problem. When I sent him back to ask about her residence. He returned with a happy face. We were going to the same place.

I got down and was in for  surprise to see the red gowned beauty there. Gladly, I offered her to join in so we could take her back safely. She readily agreed. And we drove back home. Thus, began my friendship with Alice. Earlier it was a once in a while meeting, then slowly we went out to same parlour, for coffees and to welfare dinners.

She had shifted here due to her divorce, and she didn’t talk much about it. She never said why she wanted to divorce and so I never pressed for it. But as we spent time together, I wondered if she was divorcing her husband, or was it the other way. This idea cropped up when I saw her flirt with every man she came across. Her smile would get bewitching, her bosom would become more protruding, she knew she was getting the attention and she seemed to love it.

One evening, I had to host the dinner for the lawyers and their wives. We were having it at father’s place. So  I spent the whole day there. When all was set, I returned home to dress up. Patrick was early too. We were dressed in black. Patrick looked heavenly in his black suit. His green tie was just the color of his eyes and he looked as tempting as ever. When he came from behind to zip my gown, he pulled it slowly, watching me writhe under his touch. Even after years, his touch could cause fireworks inside my body.

When he was done with zipping it. He touched my neck. It sent shivers down my spine. When his lips touched the base of my neck, I was as ready as ever. But we were the host and had to be there first, even before the guests. His nose and lips were brushing my neck.
Cmon Patrick, let us leave. I said.
He only hummed, Mmmmmm.
Patrick, I need to do my make up. I murmured and moved away.
He stood by the mirror as I applied my foundation crème and powder. This was his usual practice, if he was ready first. He would stand and see me get ready. And so, I always got ready at home, and didn’t prefer parlors. I loved having his attention to myself.

You don’t need it my love, he said, looking at me.
Is it? And why not? I asked, brushing my cheeks with a soft tone of peach. They gave a peachy look to my cheeks.
I don’t want you to look beautiful to the other men! I want you for myself Anna, he said, with a husky voice.
I looked at him, his eyes as always filled with love. I am all yours Patrick. And I am all yours for ever. I need to do this so that you don’t look at other women! I said teasing him.
You think I would? He asked.
Men, you know! I remarked. I applied my maroon lipstick and pursed my lips.
As I stood up, and put on my peep toed sandals, he suddenly came and placed his chin on my shoulder. Anna, never would I do that to you. You mean the world to me. He said with an intensity so deep in his eyes. Our funny talk was suddenly serious. I felt guilty, for making him feel that way.
I know honey. I trust you. I know you won’t break it or my heart. I love you my King, I said with a huge grin.

We were there just in time and the party was going as expected. Till, she arrived. It was my biggest mistake. I invited Alice to our party. She came in a bright pink body hugging, front slit gown. She had minimal jewelry on. She needed nothing. Even her clothes were blessed to be on her body. All the attention of the men turned to her. She walked around as gracefully as a proud swan. She oozed of confidence and feminity.

I was surprised when I saw her beside Patrick, with a drink in one of her hands and the other was on his arm. I quietly walked and linked my arm, I kissed him on his cheek. Alice was taken aback and her arm moved away. I could feel that. I knew I had to introduce them. I gave them a brief introduction. I found her eyes look at Patrick with a hint of desire. It angered me, but then I realized it was a usual thing. And my feelings were nothing but a typical wife’s jealousy.

Patrick was called by father. She watched him walk away. Alice came close and smiled. What a hunk! You are one lucky girl, Anna, she said.
I know and we love each other so much, I replied with heart filled with love for him.

The whole evening, she kept trying to get closer to Patrick. As we were the hosts, Patrick and I were moving together sometimes and sometimes were separated. Slowly the guests started creeping away. Alice informed me that she would ride back with me as her car was again at the workshop for some repair.  Finally when all had left, I was extremely exhausted. I had a little work left, Patrick was getting impatient.

I asked him to leave if he was in a hurry. Alice offered to accompany him. He refused. I smiled.
He wasn’t willing to leave me and go. I knew he had to prepare some papers for his new case so I pushed him to go on and told him that I would return in father’s car. Alice said she too had to return sas it was getting too late and she had an appointment with her lawyer in the morning. And I made Patrick take her along.

When I returned home, Patrick was sitting in his chair by the table, his coat on the sofa. His tie was loosened around his neck. His head bowed down on the table and his hair all ruffled up. I caressed them. My touch woke him up. And then there was no delay in getting undressed or falling asleep.

Morning came, Patrick was getting ready, breakfast was ready. Suddenly, he said something which surprised me.
Anna, I usually don’t mind your outings and friendships, but I think you should stay away from this friend of yours.
I couldn’t place it, whom was he referring to.

This woman seems a bad influence Anna. I mean that woman who was sent home by you last night with me.
Oh, he meant Alice.
She is going through a tough period Patrick. She isn’t so bad. It’s like she enjoys all the attention she gets. I sided with her.
He looked at me, and smiled. My queen and her big heart! He kissed me and left.

In the afternoon, Alice came home. She wanted to join me for coffee at home. She seemed too pleasant. Something worked out with your divorce? I asked.
Oh no! I just decided to change my lawyer. She replied. Would your husband be willing to take up my case? She asked.
I was surprised, she was trying to vie for his attention now. Well, Patrick is a corporate lawyer. He won’t be able to take it up. I am so sorry. That last sentence was a lie. I was glad about that.
Her eyes were fixed on the photograph of ours on the wall. It was of our wedding day. She looked at it amusingly.

He is one damn good kisser. Her remark hit me hard.
What do you mean? I asked her.
She gave a sultry smile, and said, Oh his lips show that. What do you think? We didn’t have a kiss last night! Is that what you thought? She suddenly started giggling.
I was angered by her behavior and her indecency to show her interest in my husband.

After she left, I went back into the bedroom. Patrick’s coat still lay on the sofa. I picked it up. At the corner of the lapel of the coat, I saw those red marks.
The red marks of her lipstick. The ground slipped from within my feet. Was she telling the truth? Did they kiss last night? Is that why Patrick insisted that I stay away from her? Was she breaking into my life and my home?

My life took a twist, or should I say it underwent a storm. The thing which was the most important to me was slipping out of my hands. Each time I thought about it, I was left with a question, what had I done wrong. I could not find any answer. Only he could tell me, only he could answer.

(Now this is becoming a longer than expected story! :roll:! Hope to end tomorrow )



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