Stay By My Side! ( 2 )


While we lay, in each others arms, hugging and kissing till we could. Patrick surprised me when he declined to go ahead. He was not going to get swayed by the desires flaring within us, he wasn’t going to succumb to the needs of the body.

He sat straight up and pulled me along. He covered me from the back. His hard chest, engulfing my body from behind. His arms tightly enclosing me. His mouth near my ear, as though he wanted me to hear everything closely and carefully. I wanted to see his face, but he turned my face and kissed me again.

He knew what he wanted. He said it loud and clear. There was no hiding when he told me these words, I belong to a very simple and poor family, Anna. We have tried to keep our morals and values too simple. What we wouldn’t want to happen with a daughter of our family, we boys were taught not to do to any one else’s daughter. It all started due to an incident.

His voice shook when he told me about it.
My sister committed suicide when she was rejected by the man she loved. We were shocked as we were completely unaware. I vowed that I would never touch a woman, whom I wasn’t going to marry. I don’t want to get into a physical relationship until I marry you.

I was sad to hear about his sister, but his vow had a strange effect on me. This man, didn’t observe me just as a woman, an object of lust or desire, but as a human. My love for him grew manifolds. The desire that had roused in me was disappointed but my heart was filled with respect and love for this green eyed man!

He continued, I am working hard to become a successful lawyer. I want to do it on my own. When I met you, I liked you. Your silliness and carefree attitude, your dependency on me, made me feel that I was capable. You made me feel like a man, one who can be trusted and leaned on.
Slowly I began to fall in love with you. I love the way you smile, the way you look at me, the way you pull me along with you. I feel so complete with you. Whenever you touch my hand, my nerves start dancing. I want to touch you, to feel you, to love you and be loved by you. I want your heart and body. I want to make you mine, Anna.

My heart was waltzing within my body. Each pore of my skin was feeling cold and hot at the same time. My ears were echoing each word he had said. I looked at him dazed.

Yes Anna. I want to make you mine. For, I love you. I love you like no one has ever loved you. I want you to know that I would never cheat on you. I love you, with every drop of my blood. Each beat of my heart calls out for you. Each wish of mine is about you. My dream, my life, my joys, my happiness lies in these soft little arms of yours. I want to have you Anna. I want to caress your body, I want to hold you close, so close that not even air can pass through. I want to kiss you so much that you would go breathless. I want to make you mine and become yours forever.

He raised my chin and turned my face towards him. His lips again fell on mine. This time they were as soft and tender as petals of rose brushing my lips. His lips moved away. And then his lips moved to say, I love you!

My arms were around his neck, now I was the one who couldn’t delay the answer. I looked into those green eyes and told him that I loved him.

We had not known but it was love that had struck us. Now we were really a couple. Marriage was for our body union, our hearts had made love that night, when we professed our love. Such a sacred union it had been.

Patrick insisted on not talking about marriage till we had finished our Law studies. He was allowed by father to come home, sometimes he even stayed back overnight in the guest house. Father had realized what effect he had on me, as my grades started improving too. He was a tutor for me. My lover, my tutor. And father had started trusting him.

Once the exams were done, Patrick was appointed by father as an intern in his law firm. Father was already impressed by Patrick’s talent and trustworthiness. And when he asked for my hand, father was more than happy to see him as his son in law. We were supposed to get married in a simple manner. Patrick didn’t have his family around. They had decided to stay away, as they felt their coming would humiliate him. We decided to visit them as soon as things got settled after our marriage. 

On that beautiful day, I was dressed up in the white elegant white gown that belonged to mother. Mother had died twenty three years ago, the day I was born. She had developed complications and was unable to come out alive from the labor room. Father was left with me, alone. But he never showed any distress or sadness. He was always there as father and mother for me. He always said, mother had given me to him and that was enough to keep him alive. I was his reason of joy but I had also caused father the loss of his beautiful wife. He had kept each of her things with him. He wanted to give them to me, one by one.

That day as he walked towards the aisle with me, he was proud as ever of me. There was a grin on his face, a broad smile, but a tear at the corner of his eyes. He had only me, and now I was going. We had taken a small apartment near father’s house, so that I would always be around for him. I had discussed it with Patrick and he had agreed.

Patrick was a sight to behold. Wearing a navy blue suit, his skin as bright and gleaming as the sun rays, he stood there waiting for me. His lips curved and then he smiled. He rounded his lips and without a sound said, WOW BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE YOU!
I smiled back and nodded my head. We exchanged the rings, declared our vows and were pronounced Man and Wife. We were asked to kiss, and I looked at him.

Patrick would express his love by words but not kiss in public. He was shy to do that. He looked at me, raised my white netted veil, and very softly and tenderly kissed my forehead. He did that whenever he wanted to show me that I meant the world to him. Slowly, he bent towards my side. His lips brushed my naked shoulders and then he murmured, Ready Mrs Patrick Starr? I want to take you away now.

I looked at him and raised my eyebrow. I pretended to straighten his tie, and pulled him closer to my lips. I murmured now, You got to wait Mister. This bride is going to make it happen real slow!

He was amused, it was clear on his face. After the luncheon and departure of the guests at father’s place, Patrick and I left for our home. He held my hand so lovingly that I could walk miles and miles wherever he would take me. The house was decorated by me. All the things were of my choice. Patrick was always busy with father, I was happy to do it for my home.

The moment we entered the house, he let go of my hand. He turned around and locked the door. I was stepping out of my shoes, my white wedding heeled shoes. He came from behind and held me at my waist and hushed in my ear, Don’t remove a thing. Let me do everything for you, My Queen. Could you go slower than this, my bride?
He bent down and pulled out my shoes. He got up and started pulling out each pin from my hair. My hairdo slowly started spilling out the hair that were tied up strong and tight. He counted them, they were 24. More than 24 seconds wasted in this. You will pay for it! He said with desire overtaking his voice.
He went behind me and unzipped the gown, and let it fall, and then all emotions let loose. We were finally one. And our love was like a fulfilled dream. Every day that passed we fell more and more in love.

(More to come later…. 🙄 )



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