Stay By My Side!


My life took a twist, or should I say it underwent a storm. Everything which was important to me was slipping out of my hands. Each time I thought about it, I was left with a question, what had I done wrong. I could not find any answer. Only he could tell me, only he could answer.

Patrick and I had been married, six years back. We had studied in the same law college, and love seemed to have shadowed both of us. He was a wonderful guy. He was hardworking and determined about his goals. He had aimed to become a lawyer, a corporate lawyer. I was in it because of my father.

My father, being a lawyer himself, pressed me to join a law college so I could join him in his Law firm. I wasn’t interested but I did it just to appease him. I was his only child and he had some dreams and expectations from me.

Meeting Patrick was a blessing. We were introduced to one another by a mutual friend. And after that, he was my savior. He helped me complete my notes and understand terms and acts which seemed like Mission Impossible to me. Slowly, we started spending time together. He was tall, with a tanned skin, green eyes which seemed like meadows sparkling.

Having a lawyer father, made an impression on Patrick and I realized how much in awe he was with the profession, when I saw him look up at father like a fan meeting his idol. He was mesmerized by father. He observed father so keenly,that I got jealous. Father always enjoyed the spotlight. After that, Patrick was always with me. He would always talk and ask about father till one day when I lost control. His craze for father was driving me crazy.

I never realized when I had fallen in love with him. I loved looking into those eyes and getting submerged in them. They pulled me as though a shrine pulls its devotee. They cast a spell on me, but was Patrick even aware of what he was doing to me! And finally I did what I wanted to do.

It was New Years eve, and we both went to a party. We were seen together as a couple and we didn’t have any reason to deny that. Except that we still had no idea about each other’s feelings.

I had a drink. Then had another. As Patrick had picked me up and was going to drive me home, I wasn’t bothered about driving. I was sitting opposite Patrick and we both were watching the dancing crowd. I felt his gaze on me, but when I looked at him, he moved his eyes away. Why wouldn’t he initiate?

I started to get up. “Where are you going, Anna?” He asked.
“I am feeling quite hot here. Mind joining me out, Patrick? Maybe some cool air will help me out!” I replied.
He looked at me with those green magical eyes, I thought he was going to say no, but then he rose.
“Yes, let’s go out then,” he said. I smiled. He smiled too. Man, what a smile he had.

We stood near the car. The party was at a friend’s ranch. We moved towards the fences, beyond it lay empty, grassy land. We stood seeing the stars glittering in the sky. The cool breeze touched my face, and soothed it down. It blew my brown soft hair on to my face. How peaceful it felt. I closed my eyes.

I didn’t realize when Patrick had moved closer. When I opened my eyes, his face was just in front of me. He raised his well sculpted arms, his finger picked up strands of hair, that were on my face now. He pushed them away. His fingers now moved over my cheeks and he cupped my face.

How my lips quivered! Was it cold or was it him! How much I wanted his lips to touch mine! And then it happened. His soft lips, were on mine. They sent sparks to my nerve ends, making my eyes close, they ignited the want for him. We kissed softly and then the passion grew. We kissed again and again. Starting softly again and getting breathless every time.

I knew I wanted to become his in that instant. I knew I wanted to be his and have him for myself. I wanted to unite with him, in body and spirit. I knew, the world for me was in those strong arms. I wanted to touch his face, hold his hands, caress his skin, ruffle his hair, kiss his face and neck. I knew I wanted him, and I wanted to become his! For ever and ever.

( To be continued…. )



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