Dilwale – Trailer Review! ;-)


How are you all? As of me, had a terribly busy and annoying day! God, how the drama rehearsals are driving me nuts. Frankly the children are doing much better but the anxiety in me is overpowering my confidence! 😦
Really wish and would ask all to pray that all goes well!

In the afternoon, one of my brothers shared with me the poster of an upcoming movie of my favorite actor! The movie I am talking about is “Dilwale”.:roll:


Ohhhh dearrrr!!!! Brought an instant smile on my face! Seeing him even in a corner of a page can make me grin, and there he was, covering eyes of the other co-actors. Acted like a pain reliever! 😉

And then in the evening, I finally saw the trailer of the movie! Wowwwww!!! Well, I know I am going to sound like a crazy fan of his, but man, how handsome can one look! Well, he is the one person, whose fan I have been since I was a school girl! Shah Rukh Khan! *SIGH* *DEEP SIGH*


Personally, I don’t like it when he does multi starrer movies. I feel, he should be there in every frame of the film. Yeah, I know quite a selfish motive! But that’s the desire of every fan right!

I have always liked his pairing with Kajol, and that chemistry seems to create more sparks again. She looks awesome! The sun setting, the walk on the water, the icebergs floating, the rainbow etc etc etc. I was so engrossed in seeing, I didn’t hear a word, had to see it repeatedly to hear what was being spoken.

It seems like a mix of action, drama, thriller and of course romance. That is his special genre. Shah Rukh does have two different kind of looks, must be a story related matter. He is not playing the mushy romances anymore. Though people like me would love them anytime. There are other actors too, but the reason of writing today’s blog is SRK! Can’t believe this guy celebrated his 50th birthday on 2nd November! 💞

Some nice one liners were shown, said by, yes of course SRK! There was some fast music. Towards the end, a slow song was playing in the background, quite a romantic score. Waiting for the music release now. And desperately waiting for the movie. 💖

Waiting for the movie now. Wishing the team and SRK, all the very best with this and the others to come!
Good luck team D!
Lots of love! 💋



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