Things that make me smile!


Dew drops in roses, soft white rabbit,
Colorful birds, who sing in their habit.

White clouds floating high in the sky,
Rain drops falling on land parched and dry.

Little soft fingers that touch the face,
Flowy long gowns with sequins and lace.

Dancing sunflowers in fields facing the sun,
Purple and yellow, orchids and daffodils who twist and turn.

Performing a ballet with the soothing breeze,
The naughty talks between friends and siblings at ease.

The sparkling waves of the oceans and seas,
The soaring flights of the gulls and the eagles.

Soft silky hair, ruffled up by the wind,
The laughter of families and among their kin.

These are a few things, on my face bring about a smile,
For without them, life would seem so vain and futile.

The soft tender caress of the lover’s hand,
The barefoot dance on the grass-covered land.

The interlinked fingers of couples, walking along the beach,
Where words don’t need to be spoken, yet the feelings reach.

His hand, smoothing out and moving in hair,
Seeing the galloping, flowing mane of the mare.

The soft touch of lips, the hugs and the magical kisses,
Waiting at the door, watching out for the one whom the heart misses.

The old wrinkly hands, holding and supporting,
Those constant blabbering, fighting and teasing.

These are the things that give me hope, to wait, to fall,
When the heart would flutter and love to it would call.



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