Humanity, where thou gone?


O killers didn’t it wrench your heart,
When you planned the attack?
Didn’t you think even once,
Didn’t your fingers twitch or your heart prick?
Were you humans? Or was that a disguise?
Didn’t your heart in your throat rise?

They left homes with plans, hopes and wishes,
They bid farewells and teased all they could.
With naughty smiles and sleepy sparkling eyes they went,
And lo, your cruelness and hatred on them you vent!
Blood and bodies you left of them,
They were dreams and heroes, what did you do to them?
A place where they taught right and wrong,
A school, their second home, and what have you done!

Shattered lives undoubtedly,
Will they not hold you before the Almighty?
Don’t forget the day will come,
When to save you from His fury will be none!
How many tears and how many homes,
How many more in sufferings will you drown?
Being a mother and a teacher, I really do care,
My heart reaches out to each one there!
Be it any place, any country, any place,
Faces might change but feelings remain the same!


My note: This piece was written by me in December, after a firing and shooting incident in a school. It has become a usual practice that, people attack schools to avenge or garner attention. Sometimes it is a group, sometimes it is some “mentally disturbed person”! But isn’t the result the same? Shouldn’t the punishment be same? Any crime or cruelty shown to children should just be never forgiven! They are someone’s ray of hope and life, who gives you the right to shatter their lives!!
I wish and hope and pray, if humans would just learn to be humans!



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