She waits at the window!


Hearing the chirping of the birds, Razia slowly got up from her bed and walked towards the window. What a spell bounding sight it was! It was early morning, the birds were rising high in the sky. They had left their homes, unsure about their return, but everyday they did it. The rising orange ball of fire slowly sliding towards the sky. The sky taking on different hues, changing from black to orangish to light blue.

She stood there, mesmerized by the beauty of nature. Only that beauty could lessen the pain she always felt when she stood at the window. Only the breeze could blow away her pains and sorrow, her disappointment. Only the flying birds could carry away her thoughts. She hated everything in a moment, and then she fell in love with them, all over again. Only the raging sun, the gentle breeze, the soaring birds, and the silent sky, knew how she lived. They knew her pain. They knew her dreadful life.

It had been about half a year ago, when Razia lost the reason to live. She lost everything she had. She lost her husband, Feroze during the war. A war, which she hadn’t asked for. A war which left many girls and women like her, widowed. Her existence now was merely a walking body. Her heart had pumped with vigour and love when Feroze was with her. Now it was just an organ that worked and kept her breathing. It made the world see her as alive, but within, she was all broken and lifeless. Feroze had been the world for her.

Razia,a girl from a conservative family, where everything was strictly observed and judged. When Feroze’s family sent the proposal, five years ago, her grandfather wasn’t in favor of it. Feroze was a soldier, in the king’s army. Her father was very impressed and glad that his timid and average looking daughter would be asked in marriage by such a brave man. She herself had seen him for the first time, it was when they had attended a wedding of a family friend. She was scared to the bone. He was a big man, tall and strong, with a serious voice that seemed like thunder if he spoke aloud.

After marriage, she realized how looks are just not a true mirror of what the person is within. Feroze, the fierce warrior, the fearless soldier, was the most loving and caring man she had ever seen. He spoke to her as his soulmate, not a lower entity. He asked her opinion which she had never seen or heard of, at her parent’s home. She laughed and smiled, at his words. She felt loved and cared for, when she was in his strong arms. She felt protected and precious when he held her close to his warm and hard chest. She felt respected when he spoke and discussed matters with her.

Four and a half years had passed. Six months back, the war cry was heard. With tears in eyes, and pain in her heart, she readied him in his armour. The metal armor, which fully covered him, it seemed so heavy but it wasn’t heavy for her Feroze. When she couldn’t control her feelings and burst into tears, he had said, ” This metallic armour and huge sword of mine, seem like sticks and sheet of bamboo. It’s your tears that seem heavier than anything to me today.” He had wiped them away and kissed on her eyes. And rode away on his horse. She saw him leave from the window, where everyday she stands and waits. Everyone told her, he died. He was martyred. He had left. Never to come back. He had left her alone!



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