I propose, finally…


Getting back my sense, gathering up all my courage, I began.
“Megan, you look so beautiful tonight!,” was all that came out of my mouth when she looked at me with those huge, mesmerizing eyes.

She fluttered her eye lashes and gave me a surprised look.
” You ought to be kidding me, Alex! I had to get ready in such hurry. I kind of feel uneasy with my simple dress and looks. I am amazed, seeing those rich and elites inside.”

What a mad woman was this! She felt uneasy, while she was the most beautiful person in the banquet tonight. No! She was the most beautiful on planet earth! No, no, my heart disagreed. Indeed she was the most beautiful woman in the whole universe.
“Megan, I want to tell you something,” I opened my mouth again.
“Mmmm mmmm?” No words but that alert and attentive sparkle in her eyes was all on me like spotlights on the performer in a play.

“Megan, I…. Actually, you know, I wanted to….. ” God why was I fumbling tonight. Why of all the nights tonight!?
“Alex, what is it? Are you on drugs? Did you steal anything here? Did you do anything wrong? You know how harsh the rules are here. Tell me! What did you do? Tell me… What….”
Trust Megan to make a mess of the scene and mood! She kept fumbling and talking. I had to answer her, or her interrogation would become more deadlier. She might begin from me committing a robbery to drugs to murder, all in a span of seconds. Goodness, how fast the imagination of a woman runs!

She turned completely towards me now and took a step forward. I had to do something now, I knew or she would keep blurting out accusations, like bullets fired from a machine gun!
In two strides, I was in front of her. I placed my left hand on her accusation-erupting mouth. She was shocked and her eyes grew bigger. She looked funny. Beautifully-funny! My face was so close to hers. Her warm breath falling on my left hand, was giving me goosebumps.

She looked at me questioningly. I knew if I removed my hand, she would start again! I wanted to torture her now. I wanted her to answer me. With the index finger of my right hand, I lifted a stray strand of hair,and pushed it behind her right ear. I didn’t know what to do next, I didn’t know how to tell her. I didn’t know how I was to confess my love to her.
And then, as if guided by some unknown energy, I knew what to do!

I tilted my head towards her right ear, where my lips were just a millimeter away from her ear lobe. She was all quiet and still, yet her breath grew warmer and she was shivering under my touch.
“Megan, I want you to listen to this very, very carefully. I have a confession to make but I didn’t commit a crime. Rather I have been a victim. Stay still and listen to me.” Her eyeballs shifted towards me now.

“There is a person, who has made my life beautiful and miserable at the same time. At present, I cannot live with that person nor can I live without. I want to punish that person as well as fill their life with all happiness. I want to spend every moment of my life with that person. I cannot think or see anything beyond that one person. I think, this is called love.”
Her eyes grew more bigger, and her breathing was faster.

“I am in love Megan. I love that woman. I love that person more than one can imagine. I want to sleep and wake, laugh and cry, fall and rise with her.”
Suddenly she seemed to go still, she fumbled something. She seemed as though life was being pulled out of her. There was some strange coldness, which seemed to spread in her. I got worried and quickly pulled away my hand.

“Are you alright?” I asked. All my proposal plan was secondary. I couldn’t think of giving a second of pain to her. She nodded her head and seemed to turn away from me.
I had to do it now. I had told her all, I had to tell the rest.
She had her back towards me now. She took a step ahead. Do it Alex, now! My heart ordered!
“Stop Megan. I am not yet done. I want you to know who she is.”

I walked towards her, I pulled her nearer to the glass. There was only the beautiful city of Dubai ahead. Her head was bowed. I let her hand fall from mine, and moved behind her. Resting my hands on her curvy waist, I said, “Raise your eyes Megan. Please, see the woman I love.” She just nodded her head again but didn’t raise her head. I slowly lifted my left hand and touched her face, I moved my hand across her jawline, trying to lift her chin. There was a drop of water on her cheek, and when I raised her chin up, I saw a stream creeping slowly down.

She looked in the glass, she froze. We watched, the glass, beyond it lay the whole sparkling city, but in the glass, there was a reflection. Just two people, in it.  Megan and me. It took few more seconds for Megan to realize. I didn’t want any doubts in her mind now,  I placed my chin, on her shoulder, and whispered “Megan, that woman is you! I love you!”  The magical words were out, and I was ready to repeat them every time for the rest of my life into this woman’s ear.

She turned to face me. New tears in her eyes. She flung herself over me and fell into my arms. She surprised me again. Megan, only she could do that!
She hugged me and then she looked into my eyes, and said, “Idiot! I thought you’d never fall in love with me! I have loved you as madly but….”

That sentence was never completed, as my lips had covered hers instantly. I didn’t want any explanations or interrogation, I just wanted to love her and get love from her. Her lips seemed to agree with me and our first kiss lasted till we became breathless.

Today, is our sixth anniversary. Its been six years, since the time I proposed to her. We married a year after I proposed. And we may celebrate our marriage anniversary anywhere, but the Proposal anniversary is always in Dubai, on the 100th floor, of the monument of my life, with the most precious person,  the love of my life!

So, that’s it! Hope you all liked reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Keep reading and loving and living!
Lots of love!!💞💜



5 thoughts on “I propose, finally…

  1. awww that’s such a cute story..

    Happy valentine’s day to you 🙂 I hope something like this happens to you :p

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! Nothing of that sort can happen to me! Married women stick with destiny 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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