My beautiful….


I stood there, and looked at her. She wore a black flowing gown, that seemed to have been wrapped gracefully around her body. Not a sew nor thread seemed to be out of place. The sleeves just covered the curve of her shoulders. The neckline like a garland around her neck, falling below the shining Swarovski crystal necklace on her neck. Each stone was radiating a power, a shine. They seemed to glow after touching her skin.

Her big black eyes, her long thick eyelashes blinked ever so slowly and softly. They moved up and down, like a feather, paced at even intervals of time. They were watching the beautiful scene beyond the glass walls, of the Burj Khalifa, where we had come for a charity dinner. Her long fingers held the railing so softly. Her white complexion glistened with the lights of the city seeping in through the glass.

Her thin and delicate neck, her brown flowy hair tied up in a bun, gave her such an elegant look! I had always seen her simple and unadorned, not a bit like what she was today. We were always talking about our work and projects. And I knew what she was for me, yet I kept those thoughts and feelings away. It was hard for me to breathe, and got harder for me to stay away. It was impossible to hold my feelings back. I needed to do it now.

I knew I needed her with me. I knew, I wanted to sleep and then wake up beside her every morning. I knew I wanted to see her, open her eyes lazily. I wanted to see her rub them softly to drive away her sleep. I wanted to see her wipe her drool with the back of her hand. I wanted to see her give a moan when she hated to get up from bed. I wanted to see that perfect bun all ruffled up and falling on her shoulders carelessly. I wanted to see her brush her teeth and wash her face. I wanted to see her grumble and complaint while deciding what to wear. I wanted to see her apply some lipstick, some Kohl, some mascara.

I just knew I wanted to live my life with her. It had to be her, why else would my heart be so restless for her. Why were my arms craving to hug her? Why was I apprehensive about her answer? Why was my soul so complete when with her, and so incomplete without her? All this had just one answer, I knew I loved her. Mustering my courage, I walked towards her, she turned her face and smiled. That heavenly, magical smile. My heart skipped a beat, I had to say it tonight!

(That’s it for tonight! ;):mrgreen:)



2 thoughts on “My beautiful….

  1. Lovely story and a great picture!

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