Farewell my Love!


Unbearable pains made me think,
The endless, futile thoughts in my mind sink.

What did I do wrong, that I don’t count for him,
What made the chandeliers of my love go dim.

He was the reason of my smiles and happiness,
He was the world of mine, and nothing less.

When I wish him good, he sees a bad,
What I do for him, just makes me sad.

When I cry, turning over in bed, having sleepless nights,
He seems to ignore me, am I that bad a sight?

I tug in my arm into his, he let’s it sit for a while,
And then, he just moves, a few steps but by heart miles.

He is done with me, all tell me so,
Why am I letting him treat me so low!

All ask me this, all complain about it always,
But what do I do, I can’t forget those days.

His love was my elixir of life, of heaven,
I feel now alone and all lost and beaten.

While standing on the cliff edge I think,
Of all the days, when with him I shared a link.

I know, after I jump, I will not feel a thing,
But as long as I breathe, his voice in my ears will sing.

Farewell O love farewell, I die or live, who cares,
It was me who was foolish, a life without you, I cannot bear.

Tears in eyes, heart filled with his love,
I took a step and embarked the flight like a dove.

I lie there down, broken, bleeding and shattered,
His vision, his smile, his thoughts all scattered.

I loved him as much as I could have loved,
I lived as long as with him I lived.

I had no choice, but you don’t have a scare,
Farewell, O love, farewell, I did what I thought I’d never dare!



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