The Boy in Striped Pyjamas – Book Review

Many a times, you are recommended a book, that makes you eager to read it and end it. And then you really feel that the book was good but you had read something on more serious things or more heartbreaking. This is what happened to me, when I read The Boy In Striped Pyjamas.

The story shows a sensitive times when humanity was at its worse. The story shows a very usual family living in unusual times and unusual places. The character of Bruno, a boy who is in awe with his Father, has a Hopeless Case as a sister and a homely mother. He is always impressed yet scared of his father. He in simple terms dislikes his sister, as she keeps teasing and taunting him.

The story starts with Bruno being told that they have to leave Berlin and go to a new place. The boy has his own issues about leaving his grandparents and friends. How he stays there, how he finds it, how he dreads living there and what runs into his little mind when he sees boys and men, all dressed in the same way, with striped pyjamas and cap. His curiosity and desire to explore makes him do the unbelievable. And then he meets Shmuel.

The way, Bruno sees Shmuel and describes it to us, we can realize that he is a boy, living in camps where the Jews were kept in inhumane conditions and treated worse than animals. And as the story proceeds, we find Bruno and Shmuel bond, under the fire of hatred and inhumanity. The story is from the boy’s kind and tender eyes, and that I feel is its USP.

Overall, a very touching and heartrending story. If you have read it, do let me know about what you felt after reading it. I guess, after reading the book, and seeing the tragedies around the world today, I feel, nothing much has changed. Inhuman nature of man still prevails. Killings and slaughtering still is happening. Hope things would change soon, before it gets too late!



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