Let’s watch something different!

Surprise surprise! Today I am not reviewing a book or writing a poem. I am going to talk about a completely new thing. Japanese anime.

My brother always keeps telling me to watch them. I always escaped saying they are cartoons, right?
Well, I was in for surprises. When I started watching one series, I should say, it got me hooked.

Quite some time back I saw Death Note, a completely unique storyline. It is about a college student who happens (not a coincidence though) to get a notebook. Now, this is no ordinary notebook. The person who gets it becomes the owner of it. This dreadful notebook comes with a Shinigami, a spirit – quite devilish one!


Wondering what’s so special about the notebook? If the owner of the book writes down the name of a person, that person dies. If the owner writes how and when, then they die exactly in the same way. Else by a cardiac arrest in the next few seconds.

The hero, Light Yagami, now the owner, plans to rid the world of all crimes and wrongs, but then, that too means taking law into hands.

Enters, detective Lawliet, whom the world knows and calls “L”. Ohhhhh dear! 💝


How I fell for this character! His unique persona adds more to the story. You are really on a mission with these two guys. A cat and mouse race. A hide and seek game. Be ready for lots of twists and turns if you going to attempt it. Maybe heartbreak, maybe sadness, maybe grief. New idea, new themes and new characters add more to the story.

In the beginning, you kind of like Yagami but then L takes the crown! It also talks about good and bad, right and wrong. The world and how each one perceives things as they want! The series was a completed one so I watched it in a couple of days. And then began my connection with Animé.

Recently I watched another one, would love to tell you all about, the next time.
Lots of love.
Sayonara! 💜



2 thoughts on “Let’s watch something different!

  1. ohh my…. u too watch japanese anime!!! ohhh


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