When I See Your Face – Review


As I am on a holiday, I am able to read some books which I had on my TBR since a long time. No wonder books are a person’s best friend. If I had kept a person on hold for so long, they’d probably left me alone long time ago! 😥

So here I am ready to review a book I finished today. It’s called “When I see your face”, written by Devika Fernando.

A new author I got hold of, and I should thank my luck for it, as I really loved the book. It is a different story (at least for me 😄) and I really felt that the character of Cathy was quite a common scene where a woman tries hard to save her marriage. Every kind of abuse she endures. But there is always a limit to the amount of things that can be bore or endured. She reaches that point and leaves.

What happens next in her life, was not just beyond her imagination but mine too! She is confronted by Michael who is, let us say, an exact copy of her husband, Mark. What is she supposed to do! Why is it that the same appearance and eyes which gave her shivers of fear, suddenly seem to make her feel restless! Why does she seem to like and hate the same features at the same time! And what situations and events she faces in life, till she makes up her mind, that is what the whole story is all about!

I plan to start Rating the books I review from hereon.

So, I would rate the book on the scale of 5, and this book gets a 4!
I would really recommend it to readers who like books with twists and turns 😇
A simple and beautiful love story. If you like simple, non explicit romance ( I mean no hardcore intimate scenes etc) then this book will bring a smile on your face. Personally I felt the story ended, while I was still wishing it would tell me more.

I believe this is the author’s first book, so I am really looking ahead to read the other books of hers. Good luck to her for her future writings.

Lots of love to all.
Byeeee for now! 🙂



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