My trip with students!

Hello everyone!!

Hoping all have an amazing weekend. Mine started well after a terribly hectic schedule. I was too busy with the scripting of a play for the school that I work. As my previous blog had mentioned, my script could not win the school’s Director’s approval wholeheartedly, and she was insistent to do something on the Sound Of Music backdrop.

“Sound of Music” is just too amazing. I have loved it, since I saw the movie. Just too beautiful. It is no secret that the story is a complete musical and so I was quite skeptical about it. After a lot of reworking on it, I prepared a script keeping 3 of the famous songs of it. More about it later! 🙄

In this week, we had an educational trip planned to a Museum-plus-planetarium. There were different floors allotted for Science, Archaeology, Planetarium and a Dinosarium. It was the first time I had been there. And guiding the children around was fun!

We were seated in an auditorium, where they showed the researches and contributions done by India, in the study of Mars! This planet has become a new obsession for the scientists. When the room was darkened, there was re-creation of the night sky. What a sight it was! Those twinkling little stars, in the black sky, was so mesmerizing that we all had our mouths open and let out a gasp of wonder. ☺

Then we moved to the archaeology department. We saw so many artifacts, ruins of the 10th to 18th century A.D. It amazed us to see the things, like the jewellery and the pots and tools of the period of about the 13-14th century.


Then we even saw the stupas and idols carved out of rocks, doors carved out of dark wood, with such finesse that impressed us a lot.


Next spot of interest for me was the Dinosarium. There was the reconstructed skeleton of a Sauropod. So high and mighty was the structure that we were left imagining what it would be to have them around if they existed now. Kind of sent shivers down our spine!  I somehow managed to take one picture and then I was informed that we weren’t allowed to take photographs inside. Lucky me, you’d say! 😁


For lunch and a little fun and frolic, we went to a nearby Garden. We had our lunch and then the children had a lot of fun in the rides. At some point they seemed quite dangerous rides but nothing seemed to dampen the spirits of the children that day! It was a fun filled day for us and equally tiring for us.
I could click some snaps of the beauty around, which I would love to share here!




So, that was how the week went by! Hope you had a nice time reading my experience.
Have a blessed day and week ahead. 👍
Ciao for now! ✋



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