Wonder what you bring, O October!


Have you had days when you are so utterly confused and disturbed at the same time? Well, today was such a day for me. Strange things have happened today which have saddened and un-nerved me. It might not have been so bad, but I being quite an emotional person seem to feel an extra bit about it.

First things first, early morning I was too exhausted as I had to ready the reports of my students (oh did I tell you, I am an English teacher at a school) as today was their Report Discussion. Usually I am the one who does it at the earliest, but this time, my work stayed incomplete till the end because of another teacher! I was on this task till 1 a.m. last night. How annoyed I felt! 🙅

So, I woke late, and ended up being late to workplace. Next was a meeting with the management to discuss the drama which I was readying since last week. I had redone the play Androcles and the lion by George Bernard Shaw. I had spent weekends working on it and they decided it was not apt for school kids. I had visualized it in my mind, but that doesn’t work I guess. So now I have to look for a new play. And there goes my weekend! 💔

The day at school ended with discussions with my students’ parents. Returned home late. 😈

The toughest thing to bear is to see your friends messing up everything. Connected to the WiFi and was having a little chat with my brothers. While on the other group I was with my friends. Suddenly a remark became an argument, and that went on to become a mess. Result, they left the group one by one!

Its really heartbreaking when issues crop up between people. It can have two consequences. Either the bond gets stronger or people end up being strangers. Just a change of a single letter but extremely contradictory. I wish it is the first one for us. 🙏

It’s still a few hours for 1st October to end, and I am apprehensive of what more it might bring!

With hope and prayers, I wait.
Ciao for now.



3 thoughts on “Wonder what you bring, O October!

  1. Don’t worry! Everything will be fine 🙂 keep writing!

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  2. sorry i might have annoyed and disturbed u this day bt u still manage to smile….really u really can be an inspiration for many deaa….hope everything goes fine now..take care…

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    1. No dear, you didn’t! Thanks for the compliment. 😄


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