Self-Help Made Easy : Fia Essen


Hello all…
So today I am here to tell you about a book which reached my hands, and what luck it is for me! I am not usually into reading “Self help” books, but this was an exception. I picked it up for a quick read and was amazed.

Well, to begin with, Fia Essen is an amazing writer from Athens ( have been in love with that place since I saw an Indian actor romance with his heroine there 💞). She has two books to her credit, and the third is still under progress! I did get to read one book of hers, ” Ariel ” and I loved it. Will post its review sometime later! Already started the second one “Anna” and truly enjoying it!

Coming to the book under spotlight, SHMS is a good rule book. Its got simple understandable theories and examples. I guess that’s what worked for me. Self help books, I find hard to follow as most of the time I am not able to grasp what the message is!

Simple booklet style work of Fia really boosted me. It has things which really have either happened to you or are happening as of now. The rules and tips she has shared from her own life are really motivating.

I am sharing a few thoughts of hers that struck me. We keep wasting out our energies about what happened yesterday. She says ” What you did or didn’t do yesterday is of no consequence today…. All you have is now and it’s gift. ”

Another snippet : The only real path to success is to think big, start small and keep going.”
Amazing words by the writer can be found in the rest of the book.

I am surely going to keep these things and all the rest of her words very close to my eyes, heart and mind. Seriously, these are the ones which need to be energized every now and then.

So, if you looking for a self help book which makes you think of what to leave and what to move ahead in life with, which you wish picks you up from the low-feel, then this is the one for you!
Hope you like it as much as I did. Let me know too.
Lots of love and positivity to all.
Enjoy reading!



3 thoughts on “Self-Help Made Easy : Fia Essen

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my book and share your thoughts about it. You have made me one very happy author today!

    With gratitude,
    Fia Essen

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  2. I read this book last week and am using her ideas to help me get organized. Just this week, I cleaned out all of the cabinets in my kitchen and kept only what I used on a regular basis. I gave the rest away to people who could use it. I was so motivated that I decided to paint the cupboards and spruce the place up a bit. When I finish this project, it’s on to the bedroom closets! Fia Essen inspires me!

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    1. It’s wonderful dear. I am so happy for you. And really thankful to you for letting me know about your missions and aims and how you are going ahead with it. Best wishes and love. ☺

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