Review – Silent Revenge


Okay, so, yesterday I finished reading this book. It was an experiment, new author (for me), new book and reading what people call “old romance”. And lo, I was in for great surprise. I loved reading it. A wonderful story with a string of strong characters.

The hero and heroine are really lovable. Specially loved the strength and convictions of the heroine. I mean how can one really hide a physical flaw so well and for so long. She is a talented lady, she is a lady of “someplace” ( you know how hard those names are of those Dukes and Lords and Ladies and Duchesses, so kindly forgive me for that!!) with a small, well not really small, but a physical problem and none around her could find it out! Then there is a wicked step-brother plotting to prove that she is a dangerously demented person. All things put together seem a bit unrealistic but that’s what novels are all about! 💜

The hero, he is the Earl of Northcote (don’t ask how I remember this!!) So, he is convicted of a crime and returns to the town. What an entry! As it happens quite early, it doesn’t make sense but as the story progresses you realize what a bold persona he has! All troubles seem to be in love with him and the answer to his solution is our dear heroine.

Their first meeting, the offers they give one another and their confrontations and romance fill up the story beautifully. The tidbits of their fights and the sudden impulsive actions they take, make it a story wonderfully written. So, if you are a romance buff and enjoy the Duke-Lord era novels, do read and enjoy it!
And don’t forget to let me know how you felt about the review and the book!




4 thoughts on “Review – Silent Revenge

  1. This sounds so good! I’m not usually into historical romance, but might make an exception for this one.

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    1. Thank you dear for your comment. Hope you like it as much as I did!!

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  2. hmm.. wanna read this book!!!!


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