Here I go reflective!


Looking past the window, I saw the tree standing firm but whirling its branches with the wind. Performing a ballet with the wind as its partner, shedding the dry, brown leaves. It seemed to lose a bit of its youth as each leaf fell. The dried ones had no life left. They had lived joyously as long as they were destined to.

Destiny. What a unique power it is! With time it changes. It isn’t just dependent on time but also on me. Every person is a co-writer of his own destiny. You sit back and blame it, it shall remain stubbornly, but if you face it, it is sure to change. No change happens if you sit and keep complaining about it. Change happens only when you decide firmly and be firm and hard-headed that you will do what it takes to change it.

Today, looking at the old and grumpy tree stand firm shedding its leaves, I saw the next step of my destiny. I had decided. Decided firmly. I will shed my inhibitions, my fears, my weaknesses – they are as dead as those dried brown leaves – and I will stand up to face the challenges to change my “Destiny”!



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  1. hmmm….:-)


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