The Awakening by Jude Deveraux – Review


Hi everyone,

Well, so here I am. Reviewing a book that I completed last night. The Awakening by Jude Deveraux. The book is a beautiful romantic story. Ask me and I give it a 4 stars. Beautifully written and exciting enough to keep you interested. It was a long time since I read a romantic book, and this one didn’t disappoint me in any way.

Then plot was quite interesting. Fell in love with Hank Montgomery. Adorable and flirtatious yet different due to his beliefs and intentions. Always trying to help women, he ends up getting involved with them. The damsels end up falling in love with him. Well, who wouldn’t!! Someone who believes in giving women freedom and space. Just a perfect man.  💜😍😘

Well, the heroine was a bit prudish. Following instructions and orders to the core, though seems unrealistic yet it has happened and has been happening since ages. Her confused state of mind and her desire to please the others, first her father and then her tutor and fiance. All are literally what women end up doing even today. With sons and husband added to that list! Sadly!!

The most intriguing fact is that Jude mentions about the incident and the people on whom her story, incidents and characters are based. Creates an understanding of those times and those people.

Well, on the whole a beautiful story, woven around a powerful plot. I loved it. I hope my review helps you and you too feel the same about it after reading it.

Take care.
Keep reading. Keep living.
Bye for now!!



1 thought on “The Awakening by Jude Deveraux – Review

  1. ahh!!! this book has my heart!! i love this book, especially the caracter of Hank montgomery..he is just amazing!! nice description of him..and my opinions to this book is same as yours!!
    take care!! 🙂

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