Sandra woke up to more butterflies flying in her stomach. It was the day! It was her first day to join school as the teacher. 15th August 2011. She woke with nervousness and anxiety. She helped her children get ready and leave for school. Her husband noticed her anxiety and teased her. He was glad to see her take up a job rather than while away her time and worry about nothing! They weren’t too rich but he knew she was happy with him. He knew she loved him a lot. She just felt useless and so when she was selected as an English teacher at a local school, he readily agreed.
Sandra was joining in the middle of the academic year and she was to handle the higher classes. Her last visit, when she got her appointment letter scared her. She saw boys and girls of all types and sizes. There were tall and short ones; lean and fat ones; showy; nerdy- all were there. She wondered if she would be able to handle them. She always knew she could leave it if she wasn’t able to!
Stepping into the premises of the school, she took a deep breath. It was after 5 years that she again thought of working. Her kids had grown up and she had a lot of time for herself. The grey building looked sombre from outside but inside was the fervour of childhood. There were giggles, smiles, laughter and talks of the innocent beings of God – children.
She was given her timetable and to her shock, her first class was with 10th boys! Ohhh dear, she thought! She stepped apprehensively into the class to see around 25-26 boys talking aloud. One of them noticed her and suddenly there was an uneasy silence. Sandra smiled and knew she had to face it! She wasnt going to step back. 
“Good morning boys”, she said.
“Good morning Ma’am”, they replied. After a few days i knew a few names. Allan was the happy go lucky guy, Sam- the leader of the gang, Jack the quiet observer and Owen. Well Owen was one who seemed most away from the class but contrarily he was the most attentive and expressive. They had slowly and steadily accepted Sandra as a guide, a friend and as their mentor. And then began the tryst with learning. It had its ups and downs. Sandra enjoyed her days. The boys would sometimes get protective of her if she praised any one other than them. Sometimes they would walk back to her house with her, if she got late to leave. 
A few days were left now for them to appear for their finals. Sandra had got them thinking about their goals. Her motivation inspired her students and they took these exams to show her how much she affected them.
And then, their world took a turn. Allan, the one who would never wear a frown, was hit by the wrath of destiny. His father expired, two days before the exams began. Sandra was shocked when Owen called and informed her. She wanted to see him. She wanted to reach out to Allan but she wanted to give him space.
When she attended the funeral with all his friends, she saw him. Allan, the ever smiling one, had suddenly gone so lifeless. Seeing him lift the coffin of his father brought tears to Sandra’s eyes. The boy who complained of the heavy bag and books, was carrying and bearing the lifeless body of his father.
He looked at her with tears. She wanted to comfort him but she stopped herself.she didnt want him to break down. When they had buried the coffin and all left. Sandra was leaving too. Her.phone rang in her purse. It was Owen. He said, ” Ma’am, he wants to speak to you!”
Sandra held her chest tight with the other hand. Allan’s voice came, ” Ma’am, I am lost. I am alone now. I cannot face anything. I lost everything today”. Sandra’s face got drenched with tears but she had to do it. 
After Allan had stopped and she could hear his whimpers, she said, “Allan, nothing is lost. He left your mother and your sister in your hands now. You cant let them down. I will not let you lose. I will not face anything alone. You have to do it foryl.your father, your mother, your siblings. You will do it with me. Promise me that you will write your exams. Please!!” 
With tears in her eyes, how she said that, she too didnt know! But she had to. She had to stop him from breaking. She had to make him stand. She had to pick him up before he shattered. She and Owen took him for the exam on the first day of exam. He was pale but he appeared as Sandra would not listen to a no. The next paper onwards he asked Sandra not to worry and he would appear for all exams now.
When the result was declared, the first person whom Allan rushed to was Sandra. He held her hand and thanked her for what she had done for him. Sandra was surprised. She hadnt done anything except say a few words. Allan then told her,”If your words made me do this, it means you are magical. I promise, I wont ever let you down! Thanks for everything. Thanks for believing in me”. 
Those words and that feeling made Sandra resolve that she would always keep herself dedicated towards her work. One may never know how far and deep you can touch another’s life. Sandra still teaches and each year she ends up collecting the love of so many students and they say that she had touched their lives in such a way that no other had.



  1. sandra??????? is a quite a reflection of you!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Might be! Sometimes stories happen around us! 🙂


    2. i agree wid summaiya siddiqui…ahh story is very great… i mean u gave courage to me too when i was very sad and ahhh!!!u helped me in the hardest of my times and i fell very greatful to have a teacher and a friend like u!! feeling blessed..came into ma life as an angelll!!! ah am getting emotional now..

      Liked by 1 person

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