My Love, My Strength!

Deep was aghast after he saw the lifeless body of his only son. His son was too young to have died like that. More than the joys he had celebrated, he had endured pains. Why was it to happen like this? Deep never understood. He felt God had created him only to suffer.

Growing up in an orphanage, Deep had felt the stings of poverty, loneliness and dejection. What would a child feel when he comes to realise that he was abandoned on his birth by his parents, by his mother. If she had no intentions of keeping him, of loving him, of being a.parent, then why did she give birth to him? Why was he thrown away like a thorn or a weed? He never knew what his fault had been.

He grew up facing difficulties all along. The orphanage had a government school nearby. Deep was enrolled in school by the caretaker like all other children. Deep was quick to learn and after he did his schooling, he wrote to many trusts and charitable organisations that offered scholarships to meritorious students. After that, his goal had been to change his destiny. He would show the world and his unseen parents, how strong he was.

After he did his graduation, due to his marvellous record and hard working nature, he got a decent job at the bank. It was then that he met Maya. She was a young woman who had joined the bank as a temporary employee. She was a quiet, shy and hardworking person. She would speak less and follow orders and instructions easily. Deep liked her positive nature. Slowly they began to talk, then they spent lunchtime.together. Very soon, Deep would accompany her to her home via the metro. Slowly and gradually they fell in love. And not so long after that, he proposed marriage.

Deep was an orphan and that was something, society didn’t easily forget. Maya’s parents were against it in the beginning. But soon, they relented when Maya was adamant. That was something new for him to know. Maya was shy and quiet but she was a strong headed and firm woman. He loved her more when she always would stand by him. She became his strength.

Soon after marriage, people started asking about children. First it was for fun, teasing. Then it was concern. Slowly it was their pitiful eyes and advices that frustrated Deep. Yet, he was surprised how unaffected was Maya by it. Deep knew she longed for a child too, as did he. They went for medications. There were prayers offered for them in every spot where God would listen. But it was of no avail.

People started talking about remarrying. That was the limit for Deep. He made it clear that nobody and nothing mattered to him more than Maya. He could not think of loving someone else. She was his love. She was his world. And then after ten years, somehow God showed some mercy on her. It had to be her, because Deep felt, He was never bothered about him.

And then was born Suraj. Deep and Maya’s world became heaven after his birth. He was perfect for them. They became an example of perfect family for all. Deep felt finally peaceful when he saw Maya happy. Her smiles filled his life. Her love for their son was boundless but so was her love for Deep. Their bond got stronger and stronger. And then the clouds of despair struck with lightning on Deep and Maya’s house. Suraj was diagnosed with cancer.

Deep and Maya were shattered after his death. To carry the coffin of a young son, was too hard for Deep. He was burying their hope, their life, their joys, the bud of their love. His pain was immeasurable, but he wasnt concerned about his pain..he was worried for Maya. She was broken. His ill-luck had only brought pain to her. She gave him all that he wished and wanted, while he gave her only pains. When he said that to her that night, she threw a.vase at him for being so stupid.

But the next day of their son’s death, Deep was perplexed. He was shocked when he saw Maya smiling. Smiling just a few hours after burying her only son. And suddenly she started crying. A smile with tears flowing uncontrollably. Deep was scared to the deepest bone and nerve he had. Was Maya breaking? Was she going to leave him.too? Was she losing her senses? Would he be able to live without her?

Deep died many deaths before he approached her. Please God, he begged. He needed her badly. He needed her always. And ever since he could remember, for the first time in years, he begged God to atleast leave Maya out of his misfortune and let her remain with him as his love and strength always!

Maya looked at him, she realised he was worried. She smiled at him again and said, “Dont worry Deep, I wont leave your side unless I drive you mad!”



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