Reading… Kite Runner!

Recently I saw one of my students post about a book. Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini. After asking her a bit, she highly recommended me to read it. I love her for that.

Its a beautiful book among those that I have read. A book about two boys and their turmoils, their lives, their fears and weaknesses. A book that shows Afghanistan and its people’s pains and turmoils. It shows how people get oppressed by not just the Foreign forces but also about the ways your Own people.could add to your misery. It shows about the kind of evil that seems to spread around without a fear.

The book is bound to make one shed atleast a tear or sit back with a lump in throat. The pain that as kids they suffer can make you feel so sad and despair life with them. It’s certainly a must read for those who like to read simple yet strong stories.

I would suggest all to read it for once. It would really change a thought or two of yours towards life and people.

Happy reading guys and gals!


2 thoughts on “Reading… Kite Runner!

  1. ohhh…am now very curious to read this book.surely,will try reading it…..btw,i was very confused which novel to read but now i have decided that am gonna read this suggested book….thanks mrs syeda.waiting for your reply..

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    1. It is an amazing book but very slow paced. Patience is needed to enjoy it! Glad to see you on my blog.


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